Time & Motion


Time and Motion

Definition of the terms:†

Time refers to a period of existence in the past, present or future.

Motion refers to a change in place or position.† In art, motion is usually seen in the action of the subject.

Examples of the term:†

ACTUAL TIME & MOTION: One can experience the effects of the passage of time and observe†movement in the subject.

Hans Haacke Condensation Cube 1963-65

(Hans Haacke Condensation Cube 1963-65)

STOPPED TIME: Photographs can capture a brief moment in time.† The first photographs could only record motionless subjects.† By the end of the 19th century the fleeting movement of people and animals could be frozen in time.

Andy Prokh?  You Gonna be a Star 2009

(Andy Prokh† You Gonna be a Star† 2009)


Ivo Pannaggi Speeding Train 1922

(Ivo Pannaggi Speeding Train 1922)

(√Čtienne-Jules Marey The Flight of a Gull 1887)

Example of impied time and motion - David Hockney's The Scrabble Game

(David Hockney The Scrabble Game, Jan. 1 1983)

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